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Our Core Team

Our core team consists of three professionals, and is complemented by a team of supporting staff including GIS experts, survey specialists, legal experts for implementing activities.

  • Eric Sosrojoedo, expert in logistics in South-Suriname.  Eric has been working in logistics for 15 years, of which the last five years in the interior of Suriname. He understands the needs for efficiency in operations in the relatively costly operation in the South of Suriname. Eric’s... Read more...

  • Karin Lachmsing

    Karin Lachmising, independent writer, communication strategist and playwright. Karin has a communication background.  She has worked in the field of communication and development since 1985 and is a multidisciplinary person. Her writing skills on poetry essay and plays allow her... Read more...

  • Rachelle Bong A Jan

    Rachelle Bong A Jan BSc. carries a Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy from the Anton the Kom University of Suriname. She is currently enrolled in the postgraduate MSc program ‘Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in the Caribbean’ at the University of the... Read more...

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