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Work Area 1: Process Guidance and Conflict Resolution

Participatory process.  
Our experts can aid in design and guidance of participatory processes with facilitation, mediation and negotiation techniques for the inclusion of (vulnerable) stakeholders in development processes. We follow international standards regarding the rights of vulnerable stakeholders such as ILO Convention 169, UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and other context-specific guidelines and safeguards such as the World Bank Indigenous Peoples Policy.

Conflict proofing.
The aim is to review and improve development projects on their conflict potential and long term sustainability. We use a self-designed model MAPCID to analyze potential areas for conflict when designing and implementing development projects with local communities. Our bottom-up starts from the interest of the communities and suggests to step-by-step build the development project on the existing community system. 

System design.
We develop practical tools/systems for managing conflict in your activity or project. We can also train target groups to be able to identify and mitigate situations of conflict. An example of such systems is an appeal or grievance mechanism. 

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