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Work area 2: Conservation and Sustainable Development

Traditional system.
We support the socio-cultural systems and consider traditional values and knowledge of local communities to better connect their past, current and future development. This includes capacity building in ethno-ecological mapping and analysis, promotion and strengthening of traditional leadership and familiarization with western systems required for implementation of development initiatives.

Our experts can identify, design and execute projects providing income generation opportunities for communities to improve their self-sufficiency. We are able to facilitate any initiative (plan, project, program) that will enable communities to build resilience against emerging challenges of economic, social and financial nature. Sustainable livelihoods are fortified by training communities in the whole process from production, processing, pricing, packaging and preparing products for the market.

Environmental stewardship.
We aim to build capacity with local communities and other relevant actors on issues of environmental protection, conservation and the effective management of natural resources to safeguard against environmental degradation and loss. The environmental stewardship models developed are based on the community's structure and interest to ensure ownership and potentially a long life span.

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