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Karin Lachmising

Karin Lachmsing

Karin Lachmising, independent writer, communication strategist and playwright. Karin has a communication background.  She has worked in the field of communication and development since 1985 and is a multidisciplinary person. Her writing skills on poetry essay and plays allow her to understand and address the relation of man and environment.  Her essays are written from a civil society background  with a philosophical  point of view. Karin has worked in different development areas.  From 1998 she has developed a marketing strategy for ecotourism in Suriname. In 2000  she co founded the communication company Tabiki productions, specialized on awareness programs . From 2007 on she has worked with the Amazon Conservation team, as the communication and information officer and guided the processes of strengthening the maroon and indigenous communities and worked on programs and publications for the recognition of traditional knowledge on conservation and environment.  She has facilitated the  Participatory processes in Redd + readiness proposal for Suriname.

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