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Planning of community-based protection

Attune successfully supported indigenous communities, government and NGOs to create a 7.2 million hectare community-based protection area in South-Suriname, initiated by the Government of Suriname and leading conservation NGOs (Conservation International, World Wildlife Fund)

Attune applied its unique methodology to bring the primary stakeholders - indigenous communities – closer to the government of Suriname and leading NGOs. The process started out by mapping out perceptions and defining the concept of conservation. Attune developed an innovative tool – a puzzle – to better understand the communities and empower to effectively participate in the negotiations about the area and at the same time enable their development. One year of  information sharing and consultation was topped of with a three week long dialog  resulted in the first community-based framework for the conservation of the approximately 50% of the vast, mostly pristine, tropical rainforest in South Suriname.   

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